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Victoria Willson's story:


The Victoria & Stuart Project trailer

Jean Willson shares the story of the life, dying and death of her daughter Victoria, who had profound learning disabilities and whom this project is named after

An introduction to The Victoria & Stuart Project

Michelle McDermott, Amanda Cresswell and David Jeffrey with learning disabilites talk about the question "If you were terminally ill, would you like to know?"

Amanda Cresswell thinks about the future

Amanda Cresswell

Amanda Cresswell and Leon Jordan present some findings from three focus groups with people with learning disabilities on end-of-life care planning

Richard Keagan-Bull, Amanda Cresswell and Leon Jordan explain why it is important that people with a learning disability are employed as researchers

David is part of the All Together Group that is designing the project's toolkit. In this short animation, David reflects on his work in the project so far and what it means to him.

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