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ABOUT: Co-design

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In the third part of the study, we will bring together a team to look at what we have found in the first two parts of the study. This team will design a ‘toolkit’ that includes:


  • Approaches for end-of-life care planning for people with learning disabilities.

  • Resources to support this process (for example pictures, documents or videos).

  • Training for learning disability support staff to help people with learning disabilities to plan for the end of life.


We will use a process called co-design to do this. This means people with different backgrounds and experiences coming together to find the best ways to do things. Our co-design team will include:

  • Researchers with learning disabilities

  • Researchers without learning disabilities

  • Other people with learning disabilities

  • Learning disability support staff

  • A learning disability community nurse

  • Family members of people with learning disabilities

  • Other people who are involved in end-of-life care planning

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