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ABOUT: Co-design

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Click here for an easy read description of this part of the study.

In the third part of the study, we will bring together a team to look at what we have found in the first two parts of the study. This team will design a ‘toolkit’ that includes:


  • Approaches for end-of-life care planning for people with learning disabilities.

  • Resources to support this process (for example pictures, documents or videos).

  • Training for learning disability support staff to help people with learning disabilities to plan for the end of life.


We will use a process called co-design to do this. This means people with different backgrounds and experiences coming together to find the best ways to do things. Our co-design team will include:

  • Researchers with learning disabilities

  • Researchers without learning disabilities

  • Other people with learning disabilities

  • Learning disability support staff

  • A learning disability community nurse

  • Family members of people with learning disabilities

  • Other people who are involved in end-of-life care planning

The co-design study has now been completed. The co-design group, renamed the All Together Group, developed three new resources for end-of-life care planning with people with learning disabilities:

  • Let’s talk about funerals conversation-starter pictures

  • My funeral planning cards

  • When I’m ill thinking cards

Let's talk about funerals cover image.jpg
My funeral cards cover image.jpg

The Let's talk about funerals pictures were made in collaboration with Beyond Words. The My funeral and When I'm ill cards include illustrations by artist Grace Barnes.

We are now writing up our findings into an article to be published in an academic journal. On 16th November 2023 we held a webinar to share the findings with you. Check out our WEBINAR page!

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