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62. Glitz at The Ritz

Written by Leon Jordan, Research Assistant, Kingston University.

On Friday the 19th of April, myself and some colleagues got dressed and glammed up for afternoon tea at The Ritz. We all met up outside The Ritz. Once inside, it was huge, very posh. Photos were taken. There was conversation. High spirits.

Hear what my colleagues, Richard, Sarah, and Gerard, thought about the afternoon.

Richard had the following to say:

It was a nice afternoon and a nice way to celebrate our award which we won"

Sarah said:

My highlight was sitting with you and Gerard in such a beautiful room sharing our ideas and lives together. I loved that you got to pour your apple juice from a silver jug alongside our silver teapots and milk jugs and posh cups and saucers. I think I ate the best sandwiches I ever tasted in my life! It was a beautiful way to celebrate being an inclusive team and getting to work with such an amazing group of people.

Lastly, Gerard told me:

It was nice to get a taste for the high life at The Ritz the other week - but I hope we all agree it was being together that made it a special occasion.

You can see a short video about our visit that Irene made and posted on X here.


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