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58. In Conversation with Meg Wilding and Rachel Furniss

Written by Meg Wilding, Best Practice Health Facilitator and the MacIntyre project lead on The Victoria & Stuart Project.

MacIntyre’s official involvement in The Victoria and Stuart Project may be coming to an end this March, but the work continues! I feel privileged to say that I was a part of this ground-breaking work where we have truly co-produced such a fantastic and accessible end-of-life care resource a “Toolkit” which has already helped so many people before its final release.


At MacIntyre, we are going to continue this work and are focused on how we can ensure that staff teams feel confident talking about death and dying with people who have a learning disability or autistic people. We also want to encourage safe spaces so that people who draw on our support at MacIntyre can talk openly to us about death and dying and these resources are certainly going to help us achieve this.


In this blog, I am in conversation with my amazing colleague Rachel Furniss, who has used the resource and explains why and how. Sharing our experience may hopefully encourage others to use the resources themselves!


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