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48. We've conferred

Written by Leon Jordan, Research Assistant, Kingston University.

On Monday the 6th and 7th of November, four colleagues and I travelled to Liverpool for the thinking differently conference. First the five of us met at Euston Station, which is on the Northern Line. Once there, the first thing we did was to have lunch. Whilst doing that, those attending did a final run through for the presentation. After lunch, it was time to go boarding the train. Upon boarding, we had some trouble finding our seats but once we did, we were on our way to Liverpool.

Upon reaching Liverpool hailing a taxi which took us to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel after checking in, all five of us went to our rooms. In my room, I gathered my thoughts did a quick run through and watched some TV. After a while, we met downstairs and went for a dinner at an ITALIAN restaurant where I had a pizza and a glass of red wine. After dinner, we went back to do final checks for the following day.

The next day, we all met downstairs for breakfast, and we did a base check. What I mean by that is that we made sure that we knew what to say and stayed within the time limit. After we presented the information we found out, we had a little question and answer session. Where upon we promoted the website and gave a brief description of what people could find and learn about. After which, we spoke to some of the other presenters and were given a lot positive and heat-felt feedback, for which we were grateful to receive and hear. You can hear some of the feedback in the video we made below.

After the conference, we started making plans for home. After the plans were made, we gave each other the final verdict about how the day went and how the overall experience was. My verdict was, that it was very intriguing and interesting to do my second conference outside London. Coming back was with mixed feelings, and it was a memorable experience for all.

And I would like to add that it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Irene, Andrea, and Jo. For their amazing wisdom, sense, and faith.

On the journey home, one felt a little tired and it had the sense of coming back to reality, as everyone felt they weren’t actually there. For everyone it was a really really memorable event.


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