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44. Test our end-of-life care planning toolkit!

Written by Sarah Gibson, Research Associate, Kingston University.

Great news!!!

Our brand NEW end-of-life care planning toolkit is READY NOW

This includes our new resources developed by, with and for people with learning disabilities, families, support workers, and health and social care professionals.

  • Let's talk about funerals pictures

  • My funeral cards

  • Am I Going To Die? Books Beyond Words Book

  • When I'm ill cards

and Guidance on how to use them


The Victoria and Stuart toolkit tester feedback study

Can you (or someone you know) help us to test out our toolkit:

  • try out the resources during November/December 2023

  • give us feedback on what you did and how it went.

Sign up as toolkit testers in our research study

  1. Read our Participant Information Sheet here

  2. Sign up as a Victoria and Stuart Project toolkit tester here

  3. Contact Sarah Gibson with any questions

Once you have signed up,

Sarah will send you the toolkit to download and for you to use to start conversations and support choices with and for:

  • People with learning disabilities*

  • People’s friends and families

You will then give us feedback on the resources and how you used them using our How did it go? Tester feedback form.

We will use testers’ feedback to finalise the resources and guidance in 2024 and to tell people about what and whom they were useful for.

* People are telling us that our resources could be useful for people with dementia, children who are talking about thinking about death and illness and other groups of people who find pictures are easier than words. Sign up if you want to try our toolkit in other settings.


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