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37. MacIntyre’s The Victoria & Stuart Project Podcast

Written by Meg Wilding, Best Practice Health Facilitator and the MacIntyre project lead on The Victoria & Stuart Project.

For this week’s blog I am linking to a podcast that was created at MacIntyre, where Nicky Payne is in conversation with myself; David a wonderful young man who draws on our support and Mika who is a support worker and has been supporting David throughout The Victoria & Stuart Project so far.

In this podcast you can hear about what we got up to in the All Together Group co-producing the new toolkit that is going to be available to test online soon! (We are super excited to start trailing the toolkit here at MacIntyre over the next few months).

David speaks about his experience being involved in the project and shares his views, alongside Mika sharing how it was from her perspective.

Please do have a listen, I hope you enjoy and we endeavour to bring you a second episode very soon! (We’ll make sure to talk about the fun we have at the celebration event!).

David, drawn my Meg Wilding


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