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29. 5 top tips to talk about death

Written by Meg Wilding, Best Practice Health Facilitator and the MacIntyre project lead on The Victoria & Stuart Project.

It’s been a month since our All Together Group officially finished working together to create a toolkit for enabling conversations about death and dying with people who have a learning disability, autism or both. Ooh how I have missed our meeting this month!

Our groups were expressive, safe, emotional, inspiring, tiring and packed with laughter and fun.

I wanted to share my top tips, from everything that I have learnt from these groups on talking to people who have a learning disability autism or both about death and dying. These conversations will be emotional and upsetting at times, but can also be wonderfully expressive and empowering.

Download the tips as a PDF here:

Victoria & Stuart - All Together Group
Download PDF • 1.74MB


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