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23. European Association for Palliative Care 18th World Congress

Written by Andrea Bruun, Research Associate, Kingston University.

Next week, we are off to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to join the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) 18th World Congress. The conference runs from June 15th-17th, and this year’s theme is Equity & Diversity. We have been lucky enough to have several posters accepted for the conference, and Irene, Richard, Jo and Andrea are going to present them at the conference.

Here are some bits of the conference that are relevant for people interested in palliative care and learning disability:

Thursday June 15th:

11:00-12:30 – Parallel Session: Challenges and Opportunities of Providing Palliative Care for People with IDD

  • Irene is chairing this session, and she is also doing a presentation.

12:45-14:15 – Open meeting: EAPC Reference Group Palliative Care and Intellectual Disability

  • Irene is chairing the session, and this is the time where we will present our five posters.

Saturday June 17th:

08:00-08:45 – “Breakfast with…”: Using Experience-Based Co-Design to Implement PC Research with Vulnerable/Underserved Groups

  • Andrea is chairing this session, and we will talk more about our co-design methods.

A lot of other exciting things are happening at the conference, and you can see the full programme here.

We will say hi to all of you from the conference next week. We will also share our conference posters with you, so watch this space.

Next stop: Rotterdam!


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