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Our end of life care planning
toolkit is now live!!

The toolkit was created together with people with learning disabilities, families, learning disability support staff, and healthcare professionals. It includes resources and approaches to support staff with end of life care planning with people with learning disabilities.


An introduction to The Victoria & Stuart Project

About the project


Our project is called Co-designing a toolkit and resources for end-of-life care planning with people with learning disabilities within social care settings. We have named it The Victoria and Stuart Project after two of the people who inspired the research project.Victoria Willson (1970 –2013) and Stuart Hasler (1978 –2020) both had learning disabilities. Each were able, with the support of their families, friends and a team of professionals and services, to live fully until the end of their lives and die in the way they wanted – their own way. You can hear about their stories in the video above.


The Victoria and Stuart Project is about finding the best ways to help people with learning disabilities plan for the end of their life. We want to make sure that people with learning disabilities get the right care and support when they are ill and going to die. We will work with lots of people to try and get this right.

This includes:


  • People with learning disabilities

  • Families

  • Learning disability services

  • End-of-life care services



You can find more information about the project here


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